A Failed Software Engineer

Did you know when I was 17, I had my whole life planned out. By then I decided that I would be moving to Florida to attend Computer Engineering to become a Software Engineer. I was going to come out with the HOTTEST app to take over the world and be a millionaire by 21. I was going to have a condo in downtown by 22 and be finishing my Master’s Degree by 24.

I had it all figured out and guess what? None of that happened.

Instead, I switched by major to Computer Science and realized the school I transferred to have a TERRIBLE Computer Science program. However, I did learn from a few courses:

Software Engineering

Database Concepts

Web Programming

These became my favorites, but also made me realize…. I’m not going to be a Software Developer when I graduate. I’m barely a Web Developer (back then).

As of date, the most technical thing I can do is lead a project or making some sexy WordPress sites. Other than that, did I become a Software Engineer? No.

Do I live in a condo downtown? No.

Am I rich? In my head!

Did I finish my Master’s Degree by 24? No, I’ll be done by 25 gods willing.

Did I make the hottest app? No, I built a failed one with no progress to date but, here’s some information on what it was. It wasn’t a great product market fit, no source of income would have came in, and managing an app is super hard with low funding resources.

I said – forget it.

Instead, I realized Project Management was my thing. I will never become the world’s best Software Developer, but I sure know how to execute ideas and products. Instead, I have dived into Digital Marketing, Web and Saas projects and I absolutely love that I wake up every day knowing what my goal is in this field.

What’s next now that I know? I’m looking into some certifications such as PMP. Maybe a few more as well. So far, I have my Six Sigma: White Belt Certification. You should too, it’s free pal.

I’m also working on two personal projects with a UX Designer and Developer. I am leading and funding the project and our goal is to launch by September 2020 fully. We’re looking to test by end of July.

Ultimately, I am having so much fun in this field. It feels good to think of a product/feature in your head and execute it live. I encourage anyone who is eager to crossing over to the tech space to do so. There are so many resources out here that make the transition easier and multiple opportunities such as the following:

Desktop Support


Project Management

Web Developer

Software Developer

Product Manager

SEO Manager

Content Writer

Technical Writer

Account Manager

Tech Sales

Database administrator.

Information security analyst.

Computer systems analyst.

Computer network architect.

Computer systems administrator.

& a hell of a lot more. This is just off the top of my head.

It’s okay to try to have your future planned out but at the end of the day, what’s meant to be will be. I wasn’t meant to be a Software Engineer. I wasn’t meant to have it all in my early twenties. What I know now means a lot more than if I would have had early success. Now I know better, you do too.

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