Discussion Guidelines — 5G

My community and my staff welcome the faster service and new applications that come with denser cell networks. A priority for my community as we anticipate the deployment of small cells and 5G infrastructure is to ensure that all areas of our municipality are invested in equally. This can be achieved through true and balanced community-provider partnerships.

While wireless carriers are valuable partners in deploying next-generation technologies, their primary objective is to deploy as quickly and as cheaply as possible to the neighborhoods offering the best return on investment. It is the local government’s role to work with carriers to ensure that deployment happens equitably and in the public interest. This is best achieved when local governments retain authority over deployments in the public rights-of-way and the autonomy to negotiate mutually beneficial agreements.


 Support municipalities’ rights to negotiate small cell deployment agreements in the public interest

Reject policies and legislation that put a thumb on the scale for wireless providers in deployment negotiations (e.g. by limiting municipalities’ ability to set market rate attachment fees or aesthetic standards)


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