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  • Forward to the Future Event in Kansas City Celebrates Broadband’s Potential for Community

This week, Kansas City hosted the Forward to the Future event, celebrating the third year of Google Fiber service in the Kansas City area, and supporting KC Digital Drive, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that the community benefits from high-quality gigabit Internet. Through its programming, KC Digital Drive develops and supports projects in areas such as digital inclusion, healthcare, education, and civic tech. The event offered community members an opportunity to reflect upon three years of gigabit Internet access, and how high-quality broadband can continue to serve the community. Participating in a panel was Next Century Cities Executive Director Deb Socia. On her panel, Deb talked about how efforts like KC Digital Drive can elevate and sustain the energy that is ignited when a city develops gigabit Internet.

You can learn more about KC Digital Drive here and read about the Forward to the Future event in the Kansas City Business Journal.