Lake Oswego, OR

Mayor Kent Studebaker

Total Population: 37,610
Population Density: 3,673 (people/sq.mi.)
Land Mass: 10.3 (sq.mi.)…

“For many or our residents and businesses, access to world-class broadband service is as important as roads or water and sewer utilities. It’s critical for economic development, education, and for more and more of the things we are taking for granted in our daily lives.”

“As cities take a more proactive role in ensuring their communities have FTTP broadband service at a reasonable cost, it only makes sense to share experiences and build a common knowledge base.”

Along with Portland and three other cities in the region, Lake Oswego was recently considered by Google as one of the next Google Fiber communities. For a variety of reasons, the company chose to concentrate their current expansion elsewhere, but in the process the Lake Oswego City Council heard from many residents and businesses who were excited about the prospect of gigabit service. This has created the opportunity to consider a public-private partnership in which the city would create a truly open-access municipal broadband utility, contracting with a private partner which in turn would construct and finance the FTTP network. The city is now seeking letters of interest from potential private partners, with a goal of entering into a formal agreement by the end of 2015.