Auburn, IN

On Auburn

Total Population: 12,788
Population Density: 1,793.10 (people/sq.mi.)
Land Mass: 16.41 (sq.mi.)…


“Demand and reliance on broadband services has grown exponentially in recent years. The catalyst for Auburn to provide these services was born out of the need to retain a large local business that employed many residents. Yet, today, our fiber optic network has evolved into a true community asset that not only has helped retain businesses, but attract and recruit others seeking to establish roots or expand operations in our region.”


“Next Century Cities is a natural fit for the City of Auburn. It brings together a conglomerate of cities with the foresight to leverage technology to keep their communities viable and positioned for future growth. For Auburn, being one of founding members of Next Century Cities validates the work and investment we’ve made in our infrastructure. Even as a small community, we’re on par with some larger cities—that’s exciting for our community partners, subscribers and businesses to see.”


Auburn Essential Services (AES) was born out of the need to provide a large local employer with reliable, enterprise grade broadband. Auburn expanded its already existing optical infrastructure to provide high-speed Internet, private data and co-location services to this anchor business. Since then, we’ve expanded to include phone & TV services to other businesses and residents—all in a phased manner that enabled us to avoid taking on any external debt.

AES has experienced steady upward growth since our inception. As a small, local operator, we differentiate ourselves with responsiveness and reliability.
Our reputation—and our services—has grown outside our electric service area and city limits. Through several special opportunities and unique partnerships, we’ve extended fiber network beyond our service area, at first to our county’s own airport and a private school system. More recently, we’re collaborating with neighboring cities to establish their first fiber to the business networks. AES continues to be focused on building up our network to increase capacity and coverage. We’ve been a conduit for community progress—and we believe we’re just getting started!

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