Benicia, CA

Councilman Mark Hughes

Total Population: 27,450
Population Density: 2,165 (people/sq.mi.)
Land Mass: 12.9 (sq.mi.)…

“It is extremely important as a City for us to be globally competitive when it comes to creating the best digital infrastructure for our many businesses in the Benicia Industrial Park, our educational institutions and our residents.”

“It is extremely important that we, as a city use, as feasible based on resources, smart city solutions – those that are being discussed at Next Century Cities.”

The City of Benicia has been working on and with many organizations to upgrade infrastructure and broadband connectivity to many parts of the city, particularly the City’s 3,000 acre industrial park, home to over 450 businesses. Broadband is a priority of the city.

Since then the City has installed more than 30 miles of underground fiber optic cable which serves the City’s operational and public safety needs. Additional system capacity is made available to Ammon area schools, businesses, residents and service providers as infrastructure.  Ammon’s fiber to businesses and residents is open-access to all service providers, which increases competition and reduces overall cost to consumers.

The City of Ammon is particularly interested in advancing public safety through the use of its fiber infrastructure. In 2012, the City was awarded a National Science Foundation grant to demonstrate network slicing for emergency communications in partnership with the University of Idaho. Today the City is a phase 2 contestant in the National Institute of Justice’s Ultra High Speed App Challenge.

The City of Ammon is working to further develop the open-access model by opening up the infrastructure through virtualization for the benefit of service providers and their subscribers.  The City is also utilizing its infrastructure to encourage development of other technological innovations, turning Ammon into a regional tech hub.

New York
Total Population: 98,424
Population Density: 4,572.70 (people/sq.mi.)
Land Mass: 21.85 (sq.mi.)