Clarksville, TN

Mayor Joe Pitts


Total Population: 142,357
Population Density: 1,548 (people/sq.mi.)
Land Mass: 95.52 (sq.mi.)……


“The fiber optic and gigabit network investment CDE Lightband has made in the city of Clarksville has set the stage for our community to respond to the growing needs of our citizens. The educational, business development and quality of life needs that can be enhanced through this investment is without limitations for our city.”


“The role Next Century Cities provide to communities throughout the nation is one of innovation and collaboration. Both of these tenets are at the heart of our priorities for our city. How we lead our community everyday and how we build and foster innovation and collaboration with our citizens, partners and other leaders is key to the development of our community and our nation. I look forward to exploring more of the role Clarksville can play with Next Century Cities.”


CDE Lightband began construction of their active Ethernet, fiber to the premise network in 2007, with the primary goal of providing more reliable and economical delivery of electric services. As the network grew and the potential of the fiber infrastructure was realized, CDE Lightband entered into the delivery of digital IP television, Internet and voice over IP phone services. Since its launch in 2008 the broadband services provided to the citizens of Clarksville has grown to offer a minimum speed of 50 Mbps up to 1 Gigabit for both residential and commercial services. The services are being used by the local university, Austin Peay State University, private schools, hospitals and medical offices and various types of businesses from banking and finance to real estate and development. CDE Lightband’s broadband services are now being utilized by 22,000 residential and commercial customers and continues to enjoy rapid growth on an annual basis.

With the evolution of the CDE Lightband fiber and gigabit networks the community has seen many improvements and benefits. We are poised to continue on this path of better services, more economic development opportunities, greater quality of life experience and stronger educational development opportunities for our city and our citizens.