Gainesville, TX

Mayor Jim Goldsworthy

Total Population: 16,030
Population Density: 914.1 (people/sq.mi.)
Land Mass: 19.04 (sq.mi.)…

In 2013, the local municipality was at a crossroads of maintaining multiple “loosely” integrated networks or integrating them into one. The plan was to move to fiber, integrate the networks and save on overall costs. During RFP drafting and information gathering, a bold proposal emerged that would not only benefit local government but also the greater community.

City officials in cooperation with a local service provider, Nortex Communications, devised an expanded solution that increased the scope of the project to include not only fiber for the city’s needs, but also an expansion of broadband services throughout the core business corridor of the city and beyond.

Instead of running a few fibers to meet the city’s needs, expanded fiber counts were placed through major thoroughfares bringing gigabit-capable broadband, voice and video services. Immediately, the city enjoyed much greater speed and reliability that has since been brought to the business community and is expanding to the local residential community.

Through this partnership, the city gained a locally sourced, but world-class partner while Nortex was able to cost-effectively expand its network and gain access to a new customers. Ultimately, a small network investment was leveraged to bring gigabit internet to much of the business community and is envisioned community-wide.