Grand Junction, CO

Mayor Duke Wortmann

Total Population: 58,867
Population Density: 1,540 (people/sq.mi.)
Land Mass: 38.61 (sq.mi.)…

The City Council of the City of Grand Junction is keenly aware of the importance of having a robust broadband capability to support economic prosperity and growth.  The relationship has been amply demonstrated in other communities and Grand Junction is convinced that high speed internet is essential for the success of the citizens, businesses and community partners in growing, achieving and maintaining economic development in Grand Junction.

In April 2015, Grand Junction voters approved an override of Colorado Senate Bill 05-152 by 77%. That vote was the first step on the path of improvement in the speed and capability of the high-speed internet toward development of a reliable and forward-looking broadband system.  The City is currently working with our regional government, economic development, and private sector partners to identify solutions and investment opportunities to increase the bandwidth in our community.