Mesa, AZ

Total Population: 457,587
Population Density: 3,718 (people/sq.mi.)
Land Mass: 125 (sq.mi.)……..    ………

“Infrastructure has always been key to growing and sustaining any great city. In Mesa, we understand that high speed broadband is now a part of that core infrastructure essential to attracting innovative, cutting edge companies, fueling entrepreneurial startups, and enabling a greater quality of life for our residents.”

“We have found great benefit in sharing best practices and learning from the experiences of cities all across the country on any number of issues. Next Century Cities provides another great forum to continue this practice. The partnership will help to ensure that each of us are equipped with the best strategies and tools as we continue to roll out this critical broadband infrastructure throughout our cities.”

Mesa provides connectivity across the City today:

  • Free Public Wi-fi is available at many City public spaces and growing. An active project is underway that will provide Wi-Fi services to additional City locations
  • In ground assets of 423 miles of conduit and 357 miles of abandoned utility pipe
  • In ground assets of fiber  69 miles of 144 strand city backbone, 24 miles of 72 strand from our data center to Phoenix
  • Connectivity project to AT&T Tier 1 Internet Peering Point

Fiber Friendly – Dig Once – Economic Development

Focus right of way management and permitting processes to speed time to market, coordinate city infrastructure projects to include right of way, vertical and projects.

Grow economic development and partnership opportunities with our private providers to deliver the connectivity and broadband that business and residents need through:

  • Leasing/Use opportunities of existing city conduit or abandoned utility or carrier lines to private providers to reduce trenching costs and right of way impact and strategically plan for high priority economic development centers of the city
  • Joint trenching opportunities for private providers
  • Engage private providers in economic development discussions as new businesses or development projects seek connectivity
  • Develop partnerships with public agencies, commercial grants and affinity groups