Morristown, TN

Mayor Gary Chesney

Total Population: 29,324 Population Density: 1,402 (people/sq.mi.) Land Mass: 20.9 (sq.mi.)…

“Fibernet broadband in Morristown is a nice example of a growing community at the cutting edge of 21st century expansion both for residential and industrial customers. Allowing municipalities to build their own high speed fiber networks provides competition to incumbent ISPs that previously had no competition and little incentive to improve consumer options.”

“New Century Cities is an important foundation providing a stage for cities to share areas of success and promote municipal broadband to other cities striving to control their own future.”

In response to complaints on increasing prices, slow broadband, and poor customer service, City of Morristown leaders reacted by turning to its utility system to provide competition and improve services. Accepting the challenge, in 2006 Morristown Utility Systems (MUS) built a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) passive optical network passing the businesses and residences in the City. Branded as FiberNet, MUS offers video, broadband and telephone service at lower prices. This forced incumbents to improve, which provides a win-win to the City as millions of dollars stay local. Business customers favor FiberNet for phone service and high-speed broadband to improve operations and lower costs. Our local TV station fosters community involvement through programming, advertising and coverage of events.

Today Morristown is an elite Gigabit enabled city providing improved quality of life and enhancing our economic development. MUS is the technology leader of our community with backbone services for City and County government, education, healthcare, business and industry. Strategically positioned near railroads and interstate systems, Morristown is an economic hub for seven counties and fiber optics is another essential infrastructure for continued success. Last, the FTTH network is the backbone for Smart Grid delivery of electric and other services, placing Morristown with leading edge technology for its citizens.