Pikeville, KY

Mayor James A. Carter


Total Population: 6,905
Population Density: 475 (people/sq.mi.)
Land Mass: 15.4 (sq.mi.)…………

“As a regional leader and as the educational and economic hub for Eastern Kentucky, Pikeville is a natural fit to become a gigabit community.  As the State of Kentucky launches it construction phase of bringing Dark Fiber throughout the state, Pikeville is preparing to implement a plan bringing fiber to the premises.  As the educational hub, we have a top ranked school district in the state as well heavily vested in higher education such as a Technical College, 4-year University, Business College, Medical School and an upcoming optometry school.  Pikeville is also home to the region healthcare network with a magnificent state of the art hospital, Pikeville Medical Center.   Bringing broadband internet to this area would bring immense growth to the education and healthcare in this area, not to mention, economic development.  With the quick demise of the Coal Industry, in an attempt to diversify and redefine our regional economy the City has recently invested nearly $40 million dollars to construct a new 400 acre Industrial Park with the intent of attracting new industry and jobs.   Using broadband to become a gigabit community would allow us to compete on a global level for expansion opportunities in technology, industry, and manufacturing that would not be available to us otherwise. Our community is eager for how the new Dark Fiber will allow us the opportunity to compete while improving the quality of life for those who call Eastern Kentucky home.”

“Being a member of Next Century Cities give us the ability to collaborate, network, and share information with other cities. Since there is not one-size-fits-all method to becoming a gigabit community, it is important to explore new, different ideas, and coordinate them with what works with our City. Next Century Cities gives us the opportunity to change and improve our community while helping those we serve.”

Pikeville is in the beginning stages of our broadband strategy and are currently researching what would work best for our particular community. At this time, the city has secured the services of a leading broadband expert, Joanne Hovis, with CTC Technologies for our broadband initiatives is conducting a full feasibility study and we are eagerly awaiting the results to help further guide us to become a gigabit community.”