South Portland, ME

Mayor Misha Pride

Total Population: 25,255
Population Density: 3,143 (people/sq.mi.)
Land Mass: 21.2 (sq.mi.)…

The City of South Portland project is an innovative public/private partnership to deploy a fiber-optic, “gigabit-per-second” Internet network that will serve both business and residential customers within the City.

Partnering with Internet provider GWI (, the winning bidder in response a Request For Proposals (RFP) that the city issued, the City will initiate a three-phase project that will bring approximately four miles of optical fiber, and ultra-high-speed Internet service, to a significant portion of the City. The first phase will connect Maine’s “3-Ring Binder” to the Mill Creek, Knightville Ocean Avenue, Highland Avenue and Evans Avenue corridors; the second phase will connect the James Baka Drive, Western Avenue, Westbrook Street and Wescott Road corridors; and a third phase will expand the network even farther, as funding becomes available.