West Monroe, LA

Mayor Lindsey Horvath

Total Population: 35,883
Population Density: 19,081 (people/sq.mi.)
Land Mass: 1.88 (sq.mi.)…

“The City of West Hollywood is in the midst of a rapid expansion of our city-owned fiber network. The City is using that infrastructure to provide free Wi-Fi access points throughout the City, soon to be available at all City facilities and throughout all commercial corridors. By owning our fiber network, we maintain a greater degree of control over how broadband develops in West Hollywood and ensure that our residents, businesses and visitors receive the broadband access they require to grow and prosper.”

“Cities across the country should work together to share best practices and lessons learned about expanding fiber networks and internet access for their communities. The more we work together, the better we all serve our communities. West Hollywood is grateful to the leadership of Next Century Cities for giving municipalities a platform to share and learn.”

At the City of West Hollywood, we’re in the third year of implementing our fiber infrastructure strategic plan.  So far, we have completed installing fiber optic infrastructure along one of our major boulevards which included bringing two offsite offices online, adding fiber to all traffic cabinets along the boulevard, and supporting several smart city infrastructure pilot projects.  The City is currently in the design phases for fiber in our remaining major corridors.  This will increase our capacity to support new smart city projects, including new sensors, public safety technologies, and potentially autonomous vehicle to vehicle applications.