We’d like to wish a warm welcome to one of our newest members: Rancho Cucamonga, California!

Rancho Cucamonga joined Next Century Cities in February 2019. The city is currently implementing their Fiber Optic Master Plan, a six-year, $13 million investment plan to establish the infrastructure necessary to provide gigabit broadband service to the business community as well as future fiber-to-the-premise projects. Phase 1 of the plan includes connecting gaps in existing city, traffic and utility conduit and expanding the network backbone.

Rancho Cucamonga has partnered with locally-based Inyo Networks, Inc to be the retail internet service provider of gigabit broadband, television and phone services via the city’s fiber network. Their vision for the future includes high-speed connectivity and services that will support the way residents work, play, and live in the 21st century. Mayor L. Dennis Michael comments, “Investments in innovation, technology and infrastructure add to the value of what makes Rancho Cucamonga the place where businesses want to be, where professionals want to work, and where families want to raise their children… We are inspired by the dreamers, those who look to the future in an effort to make the City an even more dynamic hub.”

City leadership looks forward to being a member and sharing their experiences with other communities: “Next Century Cities is providing agencies with a forum to collaborate and share best practices to overcome challenges and meet opportunities of gigabit level internet.”

We look forward to supporting Rancho Cucamonga in their efforts to make next generation connectivity available for all!

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons.