A Roundtable for Local Officials & Community Leaders To Develop Recommendations for the Newly Appointed Broadband Commission in New York

In light of COVID-19, Governor Cuomo appointed Eric Schmidt to lead a commission charged with reimagining remote learning, telehealth, and broadband access across the state. Local officials and community leaders are acutely aware of the impact that broadband access and adoption has on economic, educational, and public health outcomes in their communities.

We invite you to engage in a virtual roundtable discussion on broadband connectivity. Local officials and public interest advocates from various parts of New York are invited to share insights on broadband success stories and ongoing challenges in their communities that could benefit from local, state, and federal leadership.

Next Century Cities is committed to helping local leaders evaluate different pathways to connectivity considering that plans to connect New Yorkers in unserved and underserved communities will vary widely. Key recommendations from the meeting discussion will be compiled into a report outlining specific action items for strengthening broadband infrastructure statewide.

We need your voice at the table and hope that you will consider joining us.

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