Road to Launch: What’s going on with my startup?

As you all know I am working on two startups. One is a Twitter/LinkedIn scheduler called and another one is Jemsplash.

Jemsplash is my ultimate baby, it’s an online marketplace for digital/content creators who’re looking to sell more digital products. We currently are not focused on selling physical products until maybe 2021-2022, if that’s even something we want to focus on. Our ultimate goal is building a strong online community for content creators to focus on building a side income or even a full time income. I will be selling some of my guides and ebooks on Jemsplash frequently.

What is the update? Well as of today we are moving into development and by the end of the first week of July we should have our homepage ready for users to sign up for our beta program.

Is this process easy? No. I am a solopreneur and the founder of this product. I have a developer and designer paid to work on this project but I am the only one who is taking it the most seriously because it is my project, passion, and motivation too. I have been more motivated to learn more about coding, infrastructure, marketing, sales, copywriting, etc. However, I am taking it one day at a time.

This week, we are working on coding more of the front end, setting up email newsletters, email automations, and focused on copy. We have requested API access from a few companies that we will need access to for our features, a few have been approved and others are pending.

We are still fundraising as well! → we have already surpassed our halfway goal!

In regards to Jempost, I should have an MVP ready by the end of July. I will be using Jempost to schedule my posts via LinkedIn and Twitter, I find myself receiving more engagement on these platforms and wanted my own in house software to reduce costs and also sell as a Saas to other startups. It will be available for free and paid. The free version will be more limited and if you have the funds to pay for 3 cups of Starbucks coffee each month then you can use my killer program!

Anywho, that’s a quick little update 🙂

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